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Insuring fitness centers against water damage and fire damage

1/18/2023 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO® of Carrollton explains insurance coverage options for sports and fitness center businesses.

SERVPRO of Carrollton provides the fire damage, smoke damage, and water damage restoration services that sports and fitness centers in Far North Dallas, TX, need to resume operations as quickly as possible after property damage. The insurance claims process can be challenging to maneuver. SERVPRO of Carrollton can handle the insurance claims process from beginning to end so the business owner can focus on serving customers and clients.

Commercial property insurance assures business owners that their financial future is secure in the event of fire damage, smoke damage, water damage, or other types of property damage. Insurance pays to clean up and restore the damage. Fitness equipment damaged by fire, smoke, water, or vandalism will be repaired or replaced. Also, the structural damage will be repaired if the facility is damaged or destroyed. Any unsalvageable inventory is covered. Retention of existing members and recruitment of new members are two critical components to success, and nonfunctional workout and exercise equipment can directly impact the revenue stream and the recruitment of new members. Disruption of services can short-circuit retention and the influx of new members, crippling the business. Commercial property insurance will not prevent a disaster but can facilitate a fast recovery and return to normal business operations. An understanding of the critical components of commercial property insurance is foundational. The tips and topics below will focus attention on the pillars of the commercial property insurance policy.


The policy covers the following:

  • buildings owned or leased by the operator and outdoor property not attached to the building
  • items in the care, custody, or control of the entity
  • furniture, office equipment, janitorial equipment, laundry equipment, and supplies
  • artwork
  • fitness equipment
  • inventory, such as health foods and beverages, essential and aromatic oils, and merchandise
  • personal property of customers while in the care of and on the premises of the facility

Bonus tip: Coverage of customers’ belongings is often low. Bailee’s customer insurance is a type of insurance designed to limit the business’s exposure. If the equipment attendant drops a dumbbell on a customer’s phone, then the damage is covered.


The business owner must be aware of any exclusions in the policy. Electronic data, such as software and customer records, are not covered. Consult an insurance agent about procuring a separate electronic data policy. A commercial policy will replace or repair a computer damaged during a fire, but it will not cover the cost of data recovery. Company vehicles are excluded, as well. An auto policy must be obtained for the fleet.

Risks coverage: Named perils and open perils policies

The owner/operator of a fitness center can choose an open perils policy or a named perils policy. An open perils policy covers all perils except those excluded from the policy. A named perils policy covers specific risks delineated in the contract.

Common named perils include:

  • fire and smoke damage
  • water damage (HVAC, plumbing, fire sprinklers)
  • weather events (hail, windstorms, lightning)
  • explosions
  • the impact from vehicles or airplanes (The business’s vehicles and aircraft are excluded.)
  • sinkholes
  • falling objects
  • riots, civil commotion, and vandalism

An open perils policy, usually more expensive because of the broader coverage, makes sense if the fitness center has a large amount of very expensive equipment.

Many exclusions are listed on both named and open perils policies. Examples of exclusions include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • earthquakes, landslides, or volcanic activity
  • water events (flooding, sewage or drain overflows, mudslides, tsunamis
  • mold, bacteria, rot (both wet and dry)
  • damage or loss incurred due to compliance with an ordinance or law
  • war and military action
  • nuclear hazards from a nuclear power plant

An endorsement can be added to the policy to cover any excluded peril.

Replacement cost vs. actual cash value policies

A business has two avenues for valuing its property. Replacement cost (RC) coverage pays for repairing or replacing damaged property. Be aware that depreciation is not applicable in this situation. The other option, actual cash value (ACV), covers the replacement cost of the damaged item at the time of the loss. Depreciation is factored into the valuation of the damaged property. The higher payout for replacement costs elevates premiums for replacement cost coverage.

Additional insurance coverage

Consult with a qualified and experienced insurance agent for information about additional coverage such as coinsurance, equipment breakdown insurance, virtual or remote fitness coverage, inland marine insurance, and business income insurance.

What to do in the event of a property damage disaster

The sports and fitness industry depends on the business's location, the facility's quality, and the equipment's functionality. Damage to the property and equipment or a forced relocation can ruin a business. A quick cleanup and restoration after a property damage disaster are vital if this type of business survives.

SERVPRO of Carrollton is available 24/7, 365 days a year, including holidays. Crews can be on-scene in about an hour. The rapid response and quick cleanup and restoration enable a fitness center to be up and running almost immediately. Customers may not notice any disruption, depending on the location and size of the damage.

The best time to secure the services of a property damage restoration service is before a disaster. By pre-qualifying with SERVPRO of Carrollton as the dedicated service provider, a property damage disaster only requires one phone call to begin the restoration process.

To learn more about Far North Dallas, TX, water damage restoration services, contact SERVPRO of Carrollton by phone at (972) 446-0383 or by email at

How commercial insurance helps small businesses recover from fire damage and secondary water damage

1/18/2023 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: When a fire and water damage disaster occurs at a small business, having the correct insurance coverage, as well as choosing the right restoration company, is a key part of the recovery process.

The fire damage restoration and water removal professionals at SERVPRO® of Carrollton explain how adequate insurance coverage can enable a small business to recover from a fire damage disaster. The team also provides small businesses with end-to-end management of the insurance claims process, allowing the business owner to focus on recovering from the fire damage disaster rather than the insurance claims process.

Fire damage is among small businesses' most frequent and costly insurance claims. In conjunction with a comprehensive plan to reduce the risk of fire hazards in the workplace, adequate commercial property insurance coverage is essential for a small business's financial and physical well-being.

A fire damage disaster at a small business involves a multitude of consequences. The business's physical property is damaged by fire, smoke, and soot. Water damage from the fire sprinkler system or the fire department may be greater than the damage from the actual fire. The property of customers or other third parties may be damaged in the fire, and the small business is likely liable for this damage. The disruption to normal operations also interrupts the revenue cycle. The following insurance policies provide a shield to protect a small business against the negative impact of a fire risk.

#1. Commercial property insurance

Commercial property insurance is the foundation of a sound strategy to protect against fire risk. This policy covers any buildings owned by the business and the contents on the premises. Office equipment, furniture, manufacturing and processing equipment, tools, raw materials, and inventory fall under the umbrella of this policy. This basic policy is usually affordable. Reimbursement options may lead to a reduction in premiums. Reimbursement for replacement costs is greater than reimbursement for actual cash value, and the premiums reflect this difference.

#2. General liability insurance

A general liability policy covers third-party injury or property damage. This policy would take care of the damages if a customer's property were damaged or destroyed in the fire. Personal bodily Injury or trauma to vendors, customers, or other third parties injured in the fire would be covered. General liability insurance also covers defamation lawsuits.

#3. Business owner’s policy 

A Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) combines commercial property insurance and general liability insurance in one policy, netting a premium discount for the business owner. A scenario in which a BOP would come in handy might be when a machine shop is struck by fire, which destroys a piece of equipment or part. A BOP would reimburse for the loss of the part or piece of equipment.

#4. Business interruption insurance

Business interruption insurance protects the income of a business should normal business operations be disrupted by fire or a natural disaster. This policy is usually added as a rider to the commercial property policy or the BOP. Business income, debt service, relocation expenses, rent, and salaries would be covered by this policy.

#5. Commercial auto insurance

Commercial auto insurance is required for company-owned vehicles. This policy would cover injuries and property damage resulting from an accident.

Comprehensive coverage typically reimburses for damage to vehicles from fire, vandalism, burglaries, or water damage. This coverage is essential where the risks of natural disasters and wildfires are elevated. Seek advice from an insurance provider to determine if there are any restrictions or exclusions in the policy based on the location of the business.

Fire damage cleanup and restoration

The importance of a sound insurance strategy that limits exposure to fire risk hazards cannot be overemphasized. A business needs to recover financially from the interruption of production or services. The longer the business is out of business, the greater the likelihood it will never resume normal business operations. Cleanup and restoration of the damaged areas are vital. Rapid response and a quick cleanup and restoration process from a reputable damage restoration company get products and services flowing again. By pre-qualifying a property damage restoration company, the business owner or property manager makes only one call to enlist the services of a proven, trusted service provider who can scale to any size disaster. Hours or days lost finding and vetting a restoration team needlessly add layers of expense that could have been avoided.

A call to SERVPRO of Carrollton has a crew on the scene in about an hour, 24/7, 365 days a year, including holidays. A trained technician inspects and assesses the damage. A detailed estimate with images and video is presented to the customer. This estimate will prove indispensable during the insurance claims process. Very likely, SERVPRO of Carrollton has already worked with the business’s insurance company. The ability to scale through other SERVPRO franchises fast-tracks the cleanup and restoration process. Delays are costly for a small business sidelined by a fire damage disaster. Pre-qualification is streamlined. SERVPRO of Carrollton also assists businesses with emergency-ready plans for any size or type of disaster.

For more information about Valley Ranch, Irving, TX, water removal services, call SERVPRO of Carrollton at (972) 446-0383 or email

Causes of winter flooding and how to steer clear of flood damage

1/18/2023 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO® of Carrollton provides flood restoration services after winter flooding damages Plano, TX, homes, and businesses.

Homeowners and property managers need to be aware of flood risks, as well as how to prepare for flooding and how to secure flood restoration services. Flooding is often associated with creeks, rivers, and lakes overflowing their banks in the early spring. Late summer and early fall bring to mind tropical storms pummeling the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. The idea that flooding is limited to early spring or late summer, and early fall is a misconception. Flooding is a year-round risk, including the wintertime. Winter has its share of severe weather. Heavy snowfall, fast snowmelt, and extended periods of rainfall can produce winter flooding, and these cold-weather floods create serious risk hazards for property and lives. In February of 2021, much of Texas was blasted with record-low temperatures, ice, and snow that left a large area of the state without electricity when the power grid failed.

What causes winter flooding?

In the past, North Texas has experienced a wide range of rainfall during the winter months. In 1944, no precipitation was recorded during the month of January. In contrast, 7.35 inches of rain fell in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in January 2012. Occasionally, the area will have strong thunderstorms during the winter months.

Sudden thaws of heavy snow and ice can cause severe flooding in the North, Midwest, and some Southern states that are downriver of the thaw. Residents in these regions of the US must keep abreast of weather patterns and rainfall to stay safe when the floodwaters finally reach their communities. North Dallas usually receives several inches of snow each year, but the snow melts very quickly, causing only minor issues. However, the snow and deep freeze event of 2021 is a reminder that vigilance is the best policy.

How to avoid flood damage

The conditions causing flooding are sometimes enormous in scope, making flooding inevitable. However, homeowners can take steps to protect against flooding. With the changing seasons from fall to winter, inspect the areas of the home listed below. Inspection and repairs help protect the property during periods of snow, ice, and heavy rainfall.

  • Inspect and correct drainage around the foundation of the home.
  • Inspect the area around the foundation for potential drainage issues.
  • Clean out debris from gutters several times a year, especially during periods of heavy leaf loss during the fall and after heavy winds and rainfall. A severe thunderstorm can choke gutters with leaves, pine needles, and sticks. Downspouts should extend a minimum of two to three feet beyond the side of the home. The ground should slope away from the foundation at least one inch per foot for six to ten feet to prevent water from pooling next to the foundation or flooding the basement or crawl space through the window wells.

Check the sewer backup valve

Winter is the wettest time of the year for some regions of the country. Extended periods of rainfall or a quick thaw can overwhelm the municipal sewer system. The result is a sewage backup in the home. Prevent sewage backup by installing a backflow preventer valve in the sewer line, and inspect the valve once a year to ensure the device is functioning properly.

Test the sump pump system

A sump pump keeps the basement and crawl space from becoming swamps during periods of heavy rain or excessive snow melt. Every sump pump should have a battery-powered backup system if the power goes out. Keep the sump area cleaned out. Check the system by pouring several gallons of water into the collection area. The pump should fire right up and evacuate the water from the sump.

Keep an eye on the basement walls

Make a habit of inspecting basement walls regularly. Seal all cracks on the interior walls. This measure will help prevent water from seeping through the walls. Consider waterproofing the exterior foundation with a waterproof sealant approved for that application.

Bonus tip: Pre-qualify SERVPRO as the dedicated water damage, flood damage, and storm damage cleanup and restoration company. A team can be on the scene in about an hour to begin the quick cleanup and rapid response. Available 24/7, 365 days a year, including holidays, the professionals at SERVPRO utilize industry-leading equipment, cutting-edge technologies, and the most advanced cleaning techniques. All cleaning products are EPA-approved. The team will sanitize and deodorize the home.

Contact SERVPRO of Carrollton to learn more about flood restoration services in Carriage Hill, Plano, TX. The team can be reached by phone at (972) 446-0383 or by email at

Frozen pipes and winter storms: How to avoid water damage caused by pipes freezing

12/22/2022 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO® of Carrollton warns Carrollton, TX, homeowners that water pipes can freeze during a cold snap and urges homeowners to take measures to prevent their pipes from freezing.

The team at SERVPRO of Carrollton provides flood restoration services for homeowners and businesses that have suffered flood and water damage. In recent years, some of the worst water damage in the Dallas/Fort Worth area occurred from frozen pipes that burst and not from storm damage. To help avoid the disaster that hit North Texas in February of 2021, SERVPRO of Carrollton shares tips to prevent frozen pipes from a cold snap. The best time to take steps to prevent flood damage from frozen pipes is when the weather is mild and the threat of burst pipes is low.

Relationship between lower temperatures and higher risk of frozen pipes

The experts at Consumer Reports explain the relationship between low temperatures and the elevated risk factor, writing, “When temperatures plummet, the risk of your pipes freezing and bursting skyrockets. In fact, burst pipes are one of the most common causes of property damage during frigid weather and can cause thousands in water damage—easily $5,000 or more, according to the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety.”

Pipes in unheated spaces, such as the garage, attic, or basement, are most vulnerable to freezing. Fortunately, homeowners can take simple steps to prevent pipe freezing and eventual pipe failure. Below are tips to help homeowners avoid frozen pipes during a cold snap.

Tip #1. Insulate vulnerable water pipes

Pipe insulation is very affordable, costing about fifty cents per foot at the local home improvement store. Installation is simple, easy, and quick if crawling under the house is not a traumatic experience. The inconvenience of waterlogged carpet, the loss of keepsakes, and the cost of deductible far outweigh the inconvenience and expense of insulating exposed pipes or pipes running through the attic or exterior walls. Do not leave space or gaps between the segments of insulation. Although an adhesive strip is designed into most foam tube insulation, use durable, high-quality duct tape, electrical tape, or zip ties to keep the insulation in place and snugly closed around the pipes. Exposed pipes are a water damage disaster waiting to happen. The first and best step to preventing water damage from burst pipes is to make sure vulnerable pipes are properly and adequately insulated.

Bonus tip: Be aware of the “temperature alert threshold.”

The “temperature alert threshold” is the point at which a cold snap becomes a danger to exposed pipes or pipes that run through an uninsulated space such as an exterior wall or the crawl space. This threshold is 20 degrees Fahrenheit. If the forecast is for temperatures in the low twenties, it is time to prepare to prevent frozen pipes proactively. Hopefully, all necessary insulating was completed long before the threat of a deep freeze such as occurred in 2021.

If the temperature alert threshold is reached, the goal is to keep pipes warm, and the water running. This strategy seems counterintuitive to the conservation of water and energy. However, if pipes burst and a water damage disaster occurs, the time, effort, money, resources, and energy required for the cleanup and restoration project far outweigh the use of water and the extra electricity to keep pipes warm and the water running.

Tip #2. Close the garage doors to prevent heat loss from the house

Wind swirling through the garage allows heat loss. Often, the attic area above the garage is insufficiently insulated or not insulated at all. The heat transfer can put a strain on the heating system in the home. If the laundry room is in the garage, then the exposed supply lines to the washing machine are susceptible to freezing. Also, the water retained in the water pump of the washing machine can escape and ruin the unit. Keep the laundry room warm, and make sure that all exposed pipes in the garage or the attic above the garage are insulated.

Tip #3. Open cabinet doors in the bathroom and kitchen

This simple technique allows heat from the home to circulate under sinks and cabinets, keeping faucet supply lines warm and flowing.

Tip #4. Turn on the cold water until it drips from a faucet that is supplied by exposed pipes

Five drops a second, almost a trickle, will keep the water flowing. If temperatures drop far below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, it might be necessary to increase the flow. One to two gallons an hour down the drain is much more efficient than 7 gallons per minute on the floor which is what a burst supply line emits.

Tip #5. Maintain a constant temperature in the home

Keep the home warm throughout the day, evening, and morning to prevent pipes from freezing. The house will retain some heat, lessening the load on the HVAC system, the fireplace, or the wood stove.

Bonus tip: Inspect the attic, basement, and crawl space for consistency in insulation. Where needed, increase the insulation to keep in the heat and keep out the cold. The extra insulation will also help keep summer cooling bills under control.

In case flood restoration services are needed because of a burst pipe, the team at SERVPRO of Carrollton is available 24/7, 365 days a year. A team can be onsite in about an hour. The customer will receive an estimate with detailed documentation, including images and video. The staff at SERVPRO of Carrollton can handle the insurance claims process from end to end.

To learn more about flooding and water damage cleanup services for homeowners and business owners in Richardson, TX, contact SERVPRO of Carrollton by calling (972) 446-0383 or emailing

Contents cleaning services for valuable vintage electronics

12/22/2022 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO® of Carrollton recommends waiting to discard water-damaged electronics until professionals have determined whether the items can be salvaged.

SERVPRO of Carrollton specializes in fire damage, smoke damage, and water damage mold cleanup and restoration. This unique training is essential for damaged vintage electronics resulting from a property damage disaster.

When dealing with water damage, mold cleanup is often involved. Mold can become a problem in as little as one to two days if the water and moisture are not immediately mitigated. Water damage can result from many causes, such as:

  • A burst water pipe in the crawl space or hidden behind a wall or ceiling
  • A ruptured supply line to a washer, ice maker, or a dishwasher
  • A break in the water main that causing localized flooding
  • A water intrusion from storm damage to the roof
  • A flash flood from a stalled thunderstorm or the remnants of a hurricane
  • A slow but steady leak from a clogged HVAC condensate pan drain
  • An undetected leak around windows and doors
  • A leak from clogged or defective gutters

Water damage from these sources can affect carpeting, flooring, flooring substrate, sheetrock, drywall, baseboards, upholstery, furniture, documents, books, artwork, and electronics. Water damage restoration involves much more than simply removing standing water with powerful wet/dry vacuums and removing moisture with high-performance dehumidifiers. The restoration process also encompasses the delicate cleanup and restoration of antique furniture, rare books and documents, priceless artwork, and valuable vintage electronics.

The value of vintage electronics

In the chaos and confusion of a water damage disaster, there is a strong impulse to start the water removal process even before securing the services of a water damage cleanup and restoration professional. SERVPRO of Carrollton is on the scene in about an hour with powerful water removal equipment and highly efficient industrial-strength dehumidifiers that are many times faster and more thorough than a shop vac, a mop, or a residential room dehumidifier. Homeowners are losing valuable time when they attempt to tackle the project as a DIY. In a rush to recovery, homeowners will discard water-damaged items thinking the items are beyond repair. Another misconception is that the insurance company will automatically reimburse for the full replacement of damaged items just because the homeowner thinks the items are unsalvageable. Insurance companies typically decide what is salvageable and what must be replaced. Mistakes can be very, very costly, especially when vintage electronics have suffered water and moisture damage. An article from Business Insider revealed some of the most surprising examples of valuable vintage electronics that might be found in a basement, attic, or closet.

#1. Texas Instruments Speak & Spell

Produced and sold in the 1970s, most people would recognize this device as "Mr. Spell" in Pixar's Toy Story franchise. This educational speaking toy helped children learn to spell. Fifty years later, this toy in operating condition might be valued at between $50 and $100.

#2. The first Walkman: Sony TPS-L2 1979: $300 to $700

Streaming, MP3s, and CDs stand on the shoulders of the cassette tape and the Sony Walkman. When storm damage to the roof floods the attic, think twice about throwing out that water-damaged vintage Walkman.

#3. Exertainment exercise bike and Nintendo games: $1,899 to $2,683

This product featured an exercise bicycle partnered with two Nintendo video games, "Mountain Bike Rally" and "Speed Racer." The rare combination has sold for several thousand dollars to avid Nintendo collectors.

#4. An original iPhone: $15,000

A mint-condition 2007 iPhone in its original factory-sealed box can be of an avid vintage tech collector’s interest, but the cost will probably exceed $10,000.

#5. Xerox Alto: $30,000

The Xerox Alto, released in 1973, is an early computer that utilized a mouse-driven user interface system. A non-functional Xerox Alto sold for $30,000 in 2010. The Xerox Alto was sold primarily to universities.

#6. Apple I: $43,000

This desktop computer was introduced In 1976, years before the Macintosh computer transformed personal computing. Only 200 were produced, selling for under $700. This computing dinosaur can be valued somewhere around $40,000 today.

When a water damage disaster strikes, avoid throwing out anything, especially a vintage electronic device, before it is inspected and assessed by a professional.

Why choose SERVPRO of Carrollton when vintage electronics need restoration

When antique furniture, rare books and documents, priceless artwork, and valuable vintage electronics have suffered water damage and mold damage, the water damage mold cleanup and restoration process must take place immediately if the items are to be salvaged. Mold, rust, and degradation of any wood components can mar the external appearance of the item. For new and vintage electronics, delays in removing water and moisture from the device can be disastrous. If left unchecked, moisture can infiltrate the device, penetrating tiny cracks, crevices, and connections. The electronic device could be rendered functionally useless. The financial loss in the value of the item is potentially staggering.

When valuable items such as antiques, old clothing, rare books, artwork, and vintage electronics have suffered water damage, SERVPRO of Carrollton is an excellent choice for cleanup and restoration.

  • 24/7 availability, 365 days a year, including holidays
  • A rapid response, with crews arriving on the scene in about an hour
  • A quick cleanup and restoration process that reduces advanced secondary damage and accelerates recovery time
  • The right tools, technology, cleaning techniques, and products for the job
  • Competent technicians and a vast network of knowledge
  • A proven track record and over fifty years of experience in the damage restoration industry

For more information about water damage restoration services in and around Valley Ranch, Irving, TX 75063, email SERVPRO of Carrollton at or call (972) 446-0383.

Business interruption insurance: Protecting hotel profits from being sunk by a water damage disaster

12/22/2022 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO® of Carrollton helps hotels prepare for water damage and lost revenue during the holiday season.

SERVPRO of Carrollton is available 365 days a year, including during the holidays, to provide water damage restoration services that help hotels and other businesses recover from a property damage disaster and return to normal business operations. A swift and efficient restoration process can reduce the loss of revenue during closure due to the effects of the disaster or the disruption from the cleanup and restoration process.

The likelihood that a hotel will experience a water damage disaster during the holidays is high due to the seasonally high occupancy rates, the number of rooms, and the water sources in each room (toilets, showers, and one or more faucets per room). Some hotels are located in areas prone to severe weather threats, such as hurricanes, tropical storms, tornadoes, and heavy thunderstorms.

The hotel owner or manager must know what information and reports are needed and required by the insurance company to determine lost revenue after a disaster. Fact-based lost revenue projections help move the assessment and rebuild process forward without unnecessary delays.

Many businesses, including hotels, have business interruption insurance. Also known as business income insurance, this insurance reimburses a business for lost revenue caused by a property damage disaster. The revenue interruption may result from the disaster's effects or the cleanup and restoration process. The policy coverage must be high enough to accomplish its intended purpose: to make the business whole after the disaster. This topic is a matter for immediate discussion with the insurance agent handling the policy.

The hotel will need proper revenue reports to make a meaningful and accurate revenue projection for the insurance company. These reports include:

  • Profit and loss statements
  • Revenue records showing historical performance
  • Business forecasts
  • “Booked” reservations
  • Other miscellaneous industry reports that will assist in calculating an accurate projection of anticipated revenue that was forfeited due to the disaster

These reports and the formulation of accurate profit losses are complicated.

A simple key to success: A swift response and rapid recovery

When a hotel suffers a water damage disaster disrupting the provision of services and an interruption in the business revenue cycle, the most crucial goal is to get the business up and running as soon as possible. The best way to end the disruption is to secure the services of a property damage restoration company specializing in commercial water damage restoration. Here are some key features that hotel owners and managers need to look for when seeking the services of a commercial property damage cleanup and restoration company.

  1. The restoration company emphasizes a pre-qualification strategy that encourages businesses such as hotels to establish a relationship before a water damage disaster or other property damage disaster occurs. This pre-qualification process includes the following elements:
  • Collecting basic contact information about the business, including key personnel who would be involved in dealing with a property damage restoration company in the event of a disaster.
  • Gathering information about the structure, including layout, entrances, exits, elevators, stairwells, office space, IT and data centers, breakrooms, bathrooms, sales floor, production areas, warehouse and storage areas, electrical panels, water main shutoff valves, equipment, chemicals, etc.
  • Reviewing and assessing the emergency readiness plan. If the plan needs updating or adjusting, the restoration is experienced and competent to make recommendations that will facilitate a rapid response and a quick cleanup and restoration process in the event of a property damage disaster.
  1. The restoration company is reputable, bonded, licensed, and insured. Technicians are trained, certified, and experienced.
  2. The restoration company has a rapid response and quick cleanup process. A rapid response avoids unnecessary advanced secondary damage. A quick cleanup and restoration process enables the hotel to resume normal business operations sooner rather than later. A water damage disaster in a hotel may involve dozens of rooms and multiple floors. A qualified damage restoration company must be able to scale to meet the challenges a business presents, such as a hotel, apartment complex, or professional office complex. The restoration company should utilize the latest equipment, advanced cleaning techniques, and EPA-approved disinfecting and sanitizing products.
  3. The cleaning and restoration company should be comfortable and competent working with the insurance company. In fact, better companies can handle the commercial claims process from end to end.

SERVPRO of Carrollton emphasizes the importance of the pre-qualification process and walks the client through the entire process so that when a disaster occurs, only one call is needed to secure the cleanup and restoration services. The local SERVPRO franchise can immediately scale for a significant disaster loss by tapping into the expansive franchise network of local and regional SERVPRO service providers.

When water damage, fire damage, smoke damage, or storm damage disaster strikes a hotel or apartment complex, SERVPRO of Carrollton can provide the rapid response and quick cleanup necessary for a business such as a hotel to resume normal business operations. Available 24/7, 365 days a year, including holidays, SERVPRO of Carrollton is the cleanup and restoration company businesses can trust to handle their property damage disaster recovery needs.

For more information about water damage restoration services for residents in and around Carriage Hill, Plano, TX 75023, contact SERVPRO of Carrollton at (972) 446-0383 or at

Do I need to replace drywall after flood damage?

12/8/2022 (Permalink)

Homes can become flooded for a variety of reasons. Flood damage is usually caused by water from natural disasters (hurricanes, heavy rains), including flash floods, sump failures, roof leaks, and more.

Water damage refers to damage caused by water ingress that allows the destruction of materials and objects. Destructive processes with water include wood rot, metal rust, and mold growth. Drywall is a building material that is susceptible to water damage during flooding. It is made of gypsum board. Drywall is a building material used in residential and commercial properties. The material is strong enough when dry but is porous and will absorb water if exposed for long periods of time. Drywall is most susceptible to water damage when exposed to water for an extended period.

In this article, SERVPRO of Carrollton and Bent Tree in Far North Dallas explains why drywall should be replaced after flood damage. 

SERVPRO of Carrollton is a locally owned and operated company that provides water damage restoration in Far North Dallas and surrounding areas. 

Signs of water damage to drywall

  • Soggy or damp areas that may be moist or soft to touch
  • Bulging or sagging of drywall
  • Loose bolts and screws around drywall
  • Brown or dark discoloration or marks along where water leaked on the drywall
  • Peeling or bubbled appearance of wallpaper
  • Blistering or softening and chipped paint
  • Moldy spots or patches
  • The musty odor from trapped water in drywall

When should drywall be replaced?

The drywall should be thoroughly inspected if flooding or water damage is suspected. 

Drywall is slightly wet 

If the drywall is just slightly damp, it may not need to be replaced. However, quick drying of drywall is essential. Pointing a fan at the drywall will help dry it after turning off the water source. Opening a window will allow air to circulate and help dry the drywall.

Wet or soggy drywall

Drywall is porous and therefore absorbs water. The longer it is exposed to water, the more water it will absorb. If the drywall exposed to flooding begins to sag or buckle, it means that it has absorbed a lot of water. Deformed drywall should be removed as it may collapse and is a safety risk. Wet drywall is also an ideal environment for mold growth. Water damage restoration experts recommend that wet drywall be replaced within 48 hours, as mold growth is likely on surfaces left wet for more than 24 to 48 hours.

Mold growth

Water damage can seem insignificant, especially if the drywall doesn't look wet. However, mold growth can occur later. There may be tiny black spots or larger patches on the surface, or a musty odor. If mold growth is suspected, hiring a water damage remediation professional is the best way to remove and replace the drywall.

For some people with time and DIY skills, replacing drywall may be easy. However, when water damage is due to flooding and the water causing it is considered contaminated, or if there is a possibility of mold growth, a water damage restoration company should be called.

If you need a professional assessment for mold growth or water damage, give us a call 24x7x365.


When Vandals strike, SERVPRO is a click or call away!

12/7/2022 (Permalink)

It can be a very stressful experience when your property is vandalized. Even relatively minor damage like a broken window can present the opportunity for further damage from water and mold. It’s important to take care of vandalism and graffiti in a timely manner. Our professionals can respond quickly at any time to take care of the cleaning and restoration of the damaged parts of your property. We provide professional graffiti removal services, cleaning graffiti from exterior walls and surfaces around your building including driveways, walkways, asphalt, and masonry.

Please give us a call if this unfortunate events happens to your home or business.


Seek Professional Services after a Fire in your Home or Business.

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It’s always a good idea to know the right steps to take if your property suffers a fire damage incident. Distinct types of fires require different restoration measures, and as a result, it’s smart to contact licensed service providers to mitigate further damage from occurring and get the damage completely addressed.

Remediation professionals who are IICRC certified and use relevant tools and procedures to restore your contents are the best way to ensure the job is done right.

Types of fire damage dictate cleaning approach

There are different levels of fire damages that any home is likely to experience – minimal, substantial, and major fire damage. Each level is associated with varying amounts of soot or smoke residues, how many areas were impacted, and the severity of the fire disaster itself. While wet or dry cleaning can be enough to restore minor fire damages, extensive procedures may be required when restoring specific fire disasters.

SERVPRO technicians inspect your home to determine the extent of the damage before conducting appropriate restoration procedures. Technicians will also take into consideration what kinds of materials burned, such as plastics, wood, etc. to determine the best course of action.

Our process for fire remediation

Cleaning is one of the procedures that may be recommended if the fire did not result in a complete loss of property. Before this procedure can start, it is essential to know the kind of residues, the surface they are resting on, and how to find, remove and dispose of them. After pretesting and inspecting the residues, a technician can choose the right restoration method to use and will advise the homeowners of their approach.

After our SERVPRO technicians have identified the residues, they remove them using specialized techniques such as vacuuming and dissolving. When a fire burns, it gives off smoke residues that attach to the surrounding surfaces. When these residues, also known as soot, are loosely attached to an area, removing them using vacuuming may be an option. Before performing vacuuming, our qualified technicians always ensure the area is dry to get the best results possible and prevent further damage.

When the residues are firmly attached to the surface, such as a stickier residue, dissolving them may be necessary to get the best results. SERVPRO technicians use cleaning products to dissolve the particles and then flush, rinse and dry the area once it is clean. After the cleaning process, we follow the local requirements to dispose of the particles appropriately.

Contact SERVPRO for fire damage cleanup

SERVPRO of Carrollton has extensive experience in fire damage disasters. With a team of experienced, trained professionals, we can address every phase of fire recovery for your home.

Call us at (972) 446-0383,  24/7 to get the help you need in cleaning your home after you have experienced a fire.

Rare but Real Causes of Fires.

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Did you know that accumulated lint in your dryer vent can cause a fire?

How about a phone battery or old dishwasher?

How about non-dairy coffee creamer? 

True Story.

Here are a few rare but real fire-starters to be aware of:

1 – Recalled Appliances – take a look at the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website ( to make sure your microwave or computer battery hasn’t been recalled.

2 – Excess Sawdust – if you’re a DIYer, then you may have sawdust on your work surfaces. Make sure to clean workspaces with a vacuum designed to collect combustible materials to avoid accumulating dust which is flammable.

3 – 9-Volt Batteries – all batteries should be disposed of safely, but especially the 9-Volts. These have been known to spark when in contact with metal while in a trash can or junk drawer.

4 – Linseed Oil – if you use this to polish your butcher block countertops or other wood furnishings, make sure you wash the rag immediately after use as they can spontaneously combust.

5 - And finally - that non-dairy coffee creamer, as well as other manufactured foods can combust if exposed to an open flame.

Fire is destructive whether caused by a common or rare situation. Please exercise caution and know your risks. Proper fire safety is everyone’s responsibility.