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Pack Out of Fire Damaged Home

When a home is devastated by a fire it is easier to remove all the intact items from the home and have them cleaned at our facility. We have a lot of space in o... READ MORE

Remove the worry about fire damage and hire SERVPRO

Worrying about cleaning up after a fire should not have to be a worry of yours. It is more worth your time to worry about your insurance and your belongings. Le... READ MORE

Where are the most likely places to find mold?

Mold is hard to find after a water damage. If not looked for carefully it may be missed. This home had a water damage but the homeowners thought that it was hot... READ MORE

Moldy Cabinets Replaced in Water Damaged Home

Cabinets with mold can be found often after a water damage or even small leak underneath the sink.The moldy cabinets are removed from the home to locate where t... READ MORE

When should I get my carpets cleaned?

Carpets are a wonderful addition to any building, especially if they are the tiled commercially made ones. Commercial tiles should be replaced from time to time... READ MORE

What do I do if I have a lot of mold growing in my home?

Mold remediation through a certified restoration company is the best way to be sure that any growth is removed from your home. As certified restoration company ... READ MORE

Why should I use a board up service?

This home was damaged quite extensively by a fire. There were holes in he walls and the windows had been removed. The home owners were very worried about more t... READ MORE

Flooding in a Garage vs in your Home

The difference about a garage flood and flooding in your home is in the way it's going to be cleaned. In most cases garages do not have a lot of material that w... READ MORE

Left Over Debris from Flooding

Flooding can bring in debris from the outdoors. The flood water will recede over time but the best way is to have the water extracted with a trash pump. The pum... READ MORE

Flooding and Heavy Rains in Texas

Rains storms and flooding can be hard on a home in Carrolton, Texas. At times it will soak through a crack in the foundation of your home and into the base... READ MORE