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How Commercial Cleaning Services Help Make Carrollton, TX, Businesses Safe and Healthy Spaces

5/10/2021 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO of Carrollton provides customized commercial cleaning services tailored to the unique needs of each business that the company serves.

SERVPRO of Carrollton provides industry-leading commercial cleaning services to Carrollton, TX, businesses. To overcome the dirt, grime, odors, and moisture that collect in the office or production areas and exceed the janitorial staff’s normal scope of cleaning, call SERVPRO of Carrollton for prompt, professional, deep-cleaning service. From removing odors to deep cleaning flooring and carpets, entrust the safety of customers and employees to the highly trained and certified SERVPRO cleaning technicians, who create a clean and safe space. Expertly trained cleaning professionals equipped with the best cleaning and deodorizing products provide SERVPRO’s clients with the best cleaning the industry has to offer.

When are cleaning services needed?

Businesses, hotels, restaurants, distribution centers, call centers, and institutions have ongoing cleaning service needs. However, occasions arise when specialty cleaning services or intensive cleaning protocols are required for the safety and security of employees, vendors, customers, or clients. What are some of these occasions when special cleaning measures are needed?

  • In the last ten to fifteen years, the US has seen outbreaks of invasive pathogens that have challenged normal life patterns and activities. An outbreak or pandemic can devastate a business, doctor’s office, school, or daycare. Intensive, professional deep-cleaning processes that utilize the best EPA-approved solutions are the best way to address these hurdles.
  • Extensive water damage, flood damage, or sewage spill can necessitate calling in cleaning professionals who have the resources and training to deep-clean areas contaminated by biohazard disaster. Validation and certification of the effectiveness of the cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing efforts may be crucial for the re-opening or continued operation of the business or institution.
  • A structure fire introduces toxic chemicals, harmful soot, and contaminated water into the environment. Enlisting the services of a certified commercial cleaning specialist is not only necessary but it also may be required by public health officials and the insurance company before a commercial operation is allowed to re-open.

What is Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned?

Businesses need solutions that address and overcome the challenges presented by the pandemic. Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned is a program designed to meet these unique challenges. The program is a deep-cleaning approach that applies a defensive, proactive viral pathogen cleaning strategy backed by more than fifty years of cleanup and restoration experience. Featuring a three-pronged effort that includes an industry-leading proprietary training program, EPA-approved cleaning solutions, and proven remediation processes, the SERVPRO team helps businesses in Dallas, TX and across the country serve their communities safely. Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned enables local businesses to operate with the confidence and integrity that comes from knowing that employees and customers are safe.

How can the Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned program help a business?

Cleaning has risen to a new level since the pandemic appeared on the national and international scene in late 2019. SERVPRO has risen to the challenge to help keep a business’s customers and employees safe. The Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned badge makes a bold and visible statement that announces to customers, employees, and others that this business has made a substantial commitment to pursue a higher standard of what it means to be clean.

Is Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned a one-size-fits-all approach?

This unique standard-setting cleaning program is tailored to meet specific needs. Each business has a Cleaning Protocol Specialist who knows the client’s industry or service sector. The customized cleaning program takes into consideration factors including the industry type, building size, employee and customer density, high-frequency touchpoints, congestion points, and foot traffic.

Can SERVPRO provide the entire range of cleaning services for any business?

SERVPRO of Carrollton can provide a comprehensive menu of services for a wide range of businesses and industries. The scope of cleaning services includes:

  • Carpet and upholstery
  • Drapes and blinds
  • Ceilings, walls, and hard floors
  • Air ducts and HVAC
  • Trauma and crime scene
  • Biohazard and sewage
  • Odor removal and deodorization
  • Vandalism

Tapping into the knowledge, expertise, and resources of SERVPRO of Carrollton for a comprehensive commercial cleaning solution eliminates decision overload for the busy operations manager, property manager, or small business owner. Trust the restoration experts at SERVPRO of Carrollton for water, fire, storm, and commercial damage restoration.

For more information about commercial cleaning in Dallas, TX, contact the office by phone at (972) 446-0383 or by email at

Helping Homeowners Navigate Common Questions About Roof Damage and Insurance Coverage

5/10/2021 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO of Carrollton provides answers to questions that homeowners may have about insurance coverage for roof damage.

After every storm damage service call, the team at SERVPRO of Carrollton is reminded that disaster can strike at any time and often with little or no warning. When it does, the stress can be overwhelming for the homeowner. When high winds and hail from a storm or tornado cause roof damage resulting in a water damage disaster, the homeowner is left worrying not only about the water damage but also about insurance coverage for the damaged roof.

What types of roof damage are covered by homeowners insurance?

The dwelling coverage section of homeowners insurance covers the structure and the roof. The terms of the policy and the causes of the damage determine whether or not the roof damage will be covered by insurance. Sudden or accidental disasters are usually covered; however, some coverage is event-specific, including events such as wind, hail, fire, or the weight of snow. Homeowners will need to review the insurance policy that they purchased in order to determine which types of roof damage their policy covers.

Will insurance cover a complete roof replacement if the damage is only partial?

According to an article in Forbes, “In some cases, the lifespan of the roof is shortened because of damage. Your insurer may cover the cost to replace the entire roof even if it’s only partially damaged. For example, if a homeowner has asphalt shingles damaged by hail strikes, an adjuster would count how many strikes occurred in a section to determine the impact on the lifespan of the roof. If there are enough strikes, the roof lifespan is substantially impacted, and it needs to be replaced.”

Insurance industry professional Steve Severaid adds, “Even if a roof isn’t taking in water right now, the erosion or strikes compromise the lifespan of the roof. This means a roof will never last as long as it should have lasted otherwise; therefore, it should be replaced.”

Partial roof damage can also lead to a full roof replacement if the materials required to fix the roof are not available. A roof tiled with a material that is no longer available for purchase may end up being fully replaced by the insurance company in order to ensure that all materials used in the roof match.

Will insurance cover damage to an old roof?

Forbes warns, “Additionally, since it’s your responsibility to maintain your home, policies don’t cover damage caused by a lack of maintenance. So repairing your roof due to wear and tear, or replacing it because its lifespan is over, won’t be paid for by insurance. Lack of maintenance could also come back to bite you after a storm. If your roof was old or not well-maintained before the storm, you could have trouble getting full reimbursement.”

What are some other insurance issues that may arise with roof damage?

  • Roof damage caused by flooding is not covered under typical policies. Homeowners who live in areas that are vulnerable to flooding should be fully aware of what is and is not covered and what special coverage is available. If flood damage is a frequent concern, consider investing in flood insurance.
  • A wood roof may incur higher premiums.
  • Cosmetic damage to a metal roof may not be covered by insurance.

What are the advantages of having SERVPRO provide water and storm damage restoration services after severe weather?

A damaged roof can allow water to pour into the home, soaking the interior and ruining beautiful furniture, sensitive electronics, and cherished keepsakes. Even after hail and high winds dissipate, rainfall can continue for days. In the aftermath of devastating water damage resulting from a damaged roof, the homeowner needs a trusted damage restoration partner to instill hope and confidence.

SERVPRO of Carrollton is proud to be the local service provider that Bent Tree, Dallas, and Carrollton homeowners call on when they need a rapid, dependable response to storm damage. The company offers the following storm damage restoration services:

  • Contents Claim Inventory Service
  • Move-Outs/Pack-Outs
  • Contents Restoration
  • Document/Photograph Drying
  • Electronic Cleanup

While insurance coverage for roof damage can be a challenging subject to navigate, homeowners need not experience that same stress when working with SERVPRO of Carrollton to resolve the water damage side of storm damage. They can trust that the SERVPRO of Carrollton team will be their advocate when dealing with the insurance company.

To learn more about storm damage restoration in Bent Tree, TX, Dallas, TX, and Carrollton, TX, call SERVPRO of Carrollton at (972) 446-0383 or email

What Are the Benefits of Hiring Water Damage Restoration Technicians Certified in Applied Structural Drying?

5/10/2021 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO of Carrollton highlights the importance of the Applied Structural Drying Technician certification, which gives homeowners confidence in a damage restoration company’s ability to dry a water-damaged home.

When a home experiences a water damage disaster, the proactive homeowner will want to choose a water damage restoration company that can be trusted to provide reliable, expert services. A homeowner can develop confidence in a restoration company by looking at the company’s professional certifications, which testify to a commitment to industry knowledge and customer service. A key certification in the area of water damage restoration is the Applied Structural Drying Technician certification.

What is an Applied Structural Drying Technician certification?

The certifying body for the cleaning and restoration industry is The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification. Since its inception in 1972, IICRC has certified over 60,000 technicians and over 6,000 property damage restoration companies worldwide.

According to the IICRC, “The IICRC-approved Applied Structural Drying (ASD) course is designed to teach the effective, efficient and timely drying of water-damaged structures and contents, using comprehensive classroom and hands-on training, in order to facilitate appropriate decision making within a restorative drying environment.”

ASD technicians have learned how to effectively, efficiently, and quickly dry water-damaged structures and contents. A property damage restoration company with IICRC certifications embraces rigorous standards for business practices and professional expertise.

What is the Applied Structural Drying process?

Applied Structural Drying is a comprehensive approach to drying that is guided by specific psychrometric — water vapor content — data that scientifically measures the drying process. Water damage restoration experts who use this sophisticated method deploy high-intensity water extractors to remove the bulk of the standing water. Once this water is extracted from floors, carpeting, and furniture, industrial-grade rapid-spin drying fans are strategically placed to advance the drying process.

Next, high-efficiency dehumidifiers remove the moisture from the air. Throughout the entire process, ASD-certified water damage restoration technicians utilize advanced moisture detecting equipment to monitor the efficiency and progress of the project. This highly sensitive technology empowers the technicians to adjust the process as needed to achieve maximum efficiency. The entire drying process may require approximately seventy-two hours.

Since Applied Structural Drying is a non-invasive drying technique, technicians can begin the drying process immediately after arriving at the scene of the water damage disaster. Modern high-powered water extractors, which include both truck-mounted and mobile units, can dry water-damaged floors without removing carpeting and padding, eliminating the need to lift or remove carpeting to dry the floor. Not having to work with the water-logged carpeting or padding reduces the likelihood of the materials being damaged beyond repair.

What are the benefits of the Applied Structural Drying process?

Applied Structural Drying offers many benefits, including the following:

  • As mentioned above, technicians use sophisticated water extraction and drying methods to dry floors, carpeting, and carpet padding without having to remove the materials, which can be a costly and time-intensive ordeal. This non-invasive procedure can be implemented in clean water or Category 1 water damage scenarios. Fortunately for the homeowner, most residential indoor water damage incidents fall under the clean water category.
  • Because the water damage restoration company’s drying and moisture removal equipment efficiently targets the water-damaged areas, the restoration process is less expensive, less time-consuming, and less disruptive. As a result, stress and anxiety are reduced for the homeowner.
  • Uninterrupted dehumidification is a core aspect of Applied Structural Drying, so excess humidity, a significant contributor to the severity and scope of the damage, is quickly expelled from the affected area.
  • The rapid response enabled by the Applied Structural Drying method reduces the chances of a mold infestation growing in the aftermath of water damage. Dehumidification also destabilizes the conditions necessary for mold growth.
  • The speed at which the Applied Structural Drying is begun and completed means that residents of the damaged home can more quickly return to their home and their normal activities.
  • Psychrometric data collected throughout the drying process provides concrete documentation that the technicians have successfully completed the drying process.

Highly trained and professionally certified, the restoration experts at SERVPRO of Carrollton serve the local community with water, fire, storm, and commercial damage restoration services. The Carrollton, TX, damage restoration company offers twenty-four-hour emergency service, rapid response to disasters, expert restoration technicians, advanced restoration and cleaning equipment, and the compassionate care and concern that come from being locally owned and operated.

For more information about damage restoration in Carrollton, TX, contact SERVPRO of Carrollton by email at The office can also be reached by phone at (972) 446-0383.

Mother Nature can cause major damage to your property.

5/6/2021 (Permalink)

An unexpected tornado can bring wind damage and hail damage. Storm damage caused by a powerful hurricane can cause severe property damage and flooding. A wintry blizzard can cause wind damage and ice damming.

In an instant, Mother Nature can unleash powerful weather patterns, leaving behind substantial storm damage to your home or business. Wind, water, hail and downed trees are just some of the things that can expose your property and its contents to the elements. It is at this time that immediate storm damage restoration is key to your property’s safety and recovery.

The experts at SERVPRO in Carrollton Texas and Bent Tree will respond immediately if a storm damages your home or business.  You can reach us by calling 972-446-0383 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We are always here to help!

Details About Storm Damage Restoration Coverage From Texas Homeowners’ Insurance Providers

4/29/2021 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO of Carrollton, SERVPRO of Bent Tree is one of the leading storm damage restoration specialists in Texas. Their experts provide an overview of storm damage coverage from homeowners insurance and how to go about making the most of it.

Texas is no stranger to severe weather, and storm damage restoration is a regular requirement. As the nation’s second-largest state, Texas experiences raging storms throughout the year, including Texas panhandle blizzards and drought conditions from triple-digit heat. It wreaks havoc on homes and commercial buildings, occasionally leading to extensive damage and inevitable professional intervention.

What Storm Damage Restoration Coverage Does a Homeowners’ Insurance Policy Cover?

SERVPRO is a leading water damage contractor in Texas, handling residential and commercial water damage with years of experience. Homeowners’ insurance for residents in the state may provide coverage for storm damage restoration under specific conditions. The experts at SERVPRO of Carrollton, SERVPRO of Bent Tree explore the options in more detail.

Texas Winter Storm Damage Restoration

A massive winter storm in February 2021 killed over 100 people and left millions of Texans without power. The weather caused extensive water damages to properties around the state, with hundreds of households needing water removal services from professionals like SERVPRO.

Homeowners’ insurance is one of the best ways to cover storm damage restoration services during an emergency. However, many policies will not cover all losses. The cause of the property loss or damage must come from a covered event that the policy explicitly names to receive assistance from the insurance company. 

Most homeowners’ and renters’ insurance policies include perils that the contract will cover, such as freezes, hail, and fire damage. Other policies cover all perils except those named within the contract, leaving more room for interpreting the damage. For instance, water cleanup from a burst pipe could fall under named perils like “freezing” or “sudden cracking.”

Burst Pipes and Water Damage Restoration

If an insurance policy names water damage in its list of covered perils, it’s possible to file a claim for events like a burst pipe from frozen plumbing. The coverage should include repairs and cleanup from a water damage specialist. It may even consist of carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and plumbing and drywall repair. 

Spoiled Food Restitution

Food spoilage from power outages is also usually allowable in standard home insurance policies. Coverage amounts vary, depending on the fine print. If a contract includes a deductible on spoiled food claims, it may be best to cover the expenses for the loss without assistance from the insurance agency. 

Alternative Living Expenses

If storms force temporary relocation while the home undergoes emergency water restoration, insurance may offer recompense for the inconvenience. If it is impossible to live in the house due to storm damage restoration, homeowners’ insurance will sometimes offer displacement expenses for alternative living, such as a hotel room.

Insurance companies define an “inhabitable” building in the policy details. It may differ from a policy holder’s assumptions, so it is always best to contact the company for clarity if residents must leave home during repairs. For example, most policies do not afford this coverage to displaced homeowners due to power outages.

Professionals like SERVPRO

When there is extensive damage to a home or business, there’s no better way to recover than using the exceptional services of professionals like SERVPRO of Carrollton, SERVPRO of Bent Tree. Their coverage ranges from complete storm damage restoration to mattress cleaning, area rug cleaning, and tile cleaning. The company’s residential and commercial cleaning service has a team of dedicated restoration specialists who provide 24-hour emergency service in and around Dallas

Contact the SERVPRO team today at (972) 446-0383 or follow them on Facebook to receive the latest company news. They work from their offices in 3033 Kellway Drive Suite 124, Carrollton, TX, 75006.

What are the Top Five Causes of House Fires? Here’s How To Prevent The Need for Extensive Fire Damage Restoration Services

4/29/2021 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO of Carrollton, SERVPRO of Bent Tree is a leading Texas residential and commercial water damage and fire damage restoration company. Their professionals explain how house fires commonly start and offer prevention tips to stay safe during these emergencies.

Texas house fires are devastating, but these situations are often preventable. Fire prevention is the best course of action, but accidents do happen. 

Top Five Causes of House Fires and How to Prevent the Need for Extensive Fire Damage Restoration

SERVPRO of Carrollton, SERVPRO of Bent Tree is a leading Texas emergency water restoration company that also provides fire damage restoration services. Their expert water damage contractor explores how most house fires start below, including the steps that property owners can take to prevent these catastrophes.

  1. Double-check Heating Equipment

Some areas experience frigid winters that require additional means to heat the home. Many Texan households use space heaters to warm a room. However, these appliances are classic fire starters when there is contact with curtains, clothing, blankets, or furniture.

Homes that rely on furnaces are also prone to fires without adequate system maintenance and routine inspections. Furnace fires may occur from a clogged filter and bad wiring, so annual HVAC tune-ups are essential.

  1. Pay Attention While Cooking and Unplug Unused Appliances

Between 2014 and 2018, national fire departments responded to an average of 172,900 house fires that began in the kitchen. Cooking while distracted easily ends in flames, especially with oil or grease on a gas range. The kitchen should have a fire extinguisher within arm’s reach, and everyone in the home should know how to use it. 

  1. Blow Out the Candles

Candles enhance religious activities, a relaxing ambiance, or romantic dinnertimes, but unattended flames near inflammable materials are dangerous, including paper and upholstery. Lit candles need stable surfaces, and residents should always extinguish candles after use.

  1. Follow the Faulty Wiring Trail

A home’s electrical system remains a fire risk if not maintained well. Faulty wiring may cause electrical fires at any point in the house. It’s best to let professional electricians handle all electrical work and ensure that the wires are safe and functional.

  1. Prevention and Fire Damage Restoration Tips

The best prevention for fires comes in the way of devices and supplies, including smoke detectors in every bedroom and hallway at every house level, including the basement. Carbon monoxide detectors also alert inhabitants to the dangerous, odorless gas indoors.

What To Do If There Is A Fire At Home

When a fire rips through a home, fire damage restoration will be necessary to bring the house back to its original condition. To begin the process, follow these steps:

  1. Contact the insurance company immediately.
  2. Request a fire report to give the insurance company proof.
  3. Contact a fire damage restoration company like SERVPRO.
  4. Document the damage with photos and videos.

Call The Fire Restoration Experts

Fire damage restoration experts like SERVPRO are invaluable in restoring a home to its pre-fire condition in the quickest possible time. They offer a residential or commercial cleaning service, including: 

  • soot and water cleanup, 
  • carpet cleaning, 
  • upholstery cleaning, 
  • commercial water damage cleanup
  • grout cleaning
  • tile cleaning, and
  • odor elimination services 

SERVPRO of Carrollton, SERVPRO of Bent Tree is one of the leading Texas fire damage restoration companies. Their highly trained technicians provide water removal, mattress cleaning, area rug cleaning, and more from 3033 Kellway Drive Suite 124, Carrollton, TX 75006. Contact the water damage specialist at SERVPRO of Carrollton, TX, at (972) 446-0383 today, or follow Facebook for company updates.

Common Causes of Water Damage, Restoration Methods, and Expert Prevention Tips from SERVPRO

4/29/2021 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO of Carrollton, SERVPRO of Bent Tree, Texas, is a leading emergency water damage restoration company. The water damage contractor discusses the common reasons for severe water damage in homes, how to prevent these situations, and tips for effective water damage restoration. 

Several circumstances lead to extensive water damage. Restoration becomes necessary when flooding and water damage are out of control, and professional intervention is often the only course of action at that point. However, there are some steps that businesses and homeowners can take to identify and address these problems before things escalate.

Six Common Causes and Water Damage Restoration Solutions

SERVPRO of Carrollton, SERVPRO of Bent Tree, Texas, is the area’s top water damage specialist. They deal with water removal and water cleanup and offer:

  • mold remediation, 
  • upholstery cleaning, 
  • area rug cleaning, 
  • carpet cleaning, 
  • grout cleaning, 
  • mattress cleaning, and 
  • tile cleaning. 

Their professionals discuss how water damage commonly manifests in homes and businesses and how residential and commercial water damage restoration services can help.

  1. Checking the Plumbing Systems

Leaky or burst pipes are one of the most common reasons homeowners deal with extensive water damage. Texas pipes can burst under freezing temperatures or pressure buildup from clogged drains. Leaks also occur behind walls where they’re not visible, causing untold commercial water damage.

Rising monthly water bills may also alert homeowners to potential problems. In all cases, hiring a plumber will ensure all connections are tight, clean, and free of obstructions. It may also be necessary to employ the services of professional water damage restoration companies like SERVPRO.

  1. Maintaining Water Heaters

Tank water heaters typically last for ten years, and a tankless model may have a 20-year shelf life, at most. When a unit nears the end of its lifespan, it leaks from the bottom. Issues also occur with mold growth or corrosion, but annual inspections and a timely replacement will circumvent these issues.

  1. Watching The Weather

Water damage from inclement weather is sometimes unavoidable and happens quickly. Storms damage roofs, cause flooding in basements and precipitate sewer backups. The only way to reduce the impact is to contact an emergency water restoration company like SERVPRO for 24-hour emergency service for disasters on any scale.

  1. Looking After Roofs and Gutters

It’s easy to overlook gutters, but when clogs occur, water pools inside the channels, spills over the side and accumulates around the foundation and walls. Unless homeowners clean their gutters twice a year, water damage is inevitable. Gutters should be free of leaves, twigs, rocks, and other debris to prevent water from infiltrating the building.

  1. Noticing Other Common Water Damage Signs

Some water damage is subtle, but ignoring it is unwise. Rather, prevent extensive damages and costly repairs by checking for these common signs:

  • Dripping or wet spots around sinks, toilets, and exposed pipes
  • The sounds of running water when all faucets are off
  • Unusual humidity levels inside
  • A damp, musty odor 
  • Brown ceiling or wall stains
  • Cracked or flaky drywall
  1. Choosing The Right Water Damage Restoration Company

Water restoration is essential to remove the water, clean, and restore the property to its original condition. A reliable water damage contractor like SERVPRO will:

  • respond quickly
  • We offer a licensed, highly trained team
  • provide reliable local references
  • understand the insurance claims process
  • use updated equipment and techniques

SERVPRO of Carrollton, Texas, offers exceptional water damage restoration services throughout the area. Their residential and commercial cleaning service will bring the home back to its original state after a flood or leak. Contact SERVPRO at (972) 446-0383, follow them on Facebook to receive recent news updates, or visit their offices at 3033 Kellway Drive Suite 124, Carrollton, TX, 75006.

Preparing Trees for Storm Season in North Dallas

4/23/2021 (Permalink)

storm damage "Like it never even happened."

Trust SERVPRO of Carrollton and Bent Tree and their team of experts to help recover and restore your storm-damaged property.

Trees beautify any property and give us much-needed shade during the hot months. However, storms can be unkind to trees, forcing them down with strong winds or sending destructive lightning bolts down their trunks.

When a tall tree comes down, it can damage a roof, break a window, or down utility lines. When there are heavy soil saturation and persistent gusts of winds, even the strongest trees can collapse.

While we can’t defend our trees from nature’s fury, we can take measures to mitigate damage to trees and other objects. Make time to tend to your trees before the next storm season hits.

Examine the Trees

Inspect each tree for damage such as “deadwood,” decomposition, dense canopies, splits, or damaged trunks. Infestation, illness, or other weaknesses can topple a tree in a storm.

Next, consider proximity to structures and powerlines. Tall trees too close to these things are a risk. Sometimes utility crews will come through and trim back problem trees. While this should solve the problem, the tree is vulnerable to infection or infestation if the cuts are done incorrectly.

Once you become aware of any tree problems on your property, you can plan the best course of action for each issue you discover.

Perform Maintenance

Trees need seasonal pruning, pest control, mulching, watering, fertilization, and care by an arborist when needed.

Plan to prune your trees in the late fall or early spring. Removing branches that are too close to structures plus dead or weak branches reduces the chance of damage. Pruning the low damage of young trees helps you avoid instability from multiple leaders.

Be careful not to over cut the limbs or cut into the root system. If you are unsure of how to properly prune a tree, consult the experts or hire an arborist. 

Thin the crowns by cutting back limbs and foliage from inside the crown. This reduces the weight and allows more air and sunlight to come through.

As for new planting, there are other best practices. New trees should be planted where roots won’t be intrusive or where they won’t tower over things they can fall on. Use stakes and ties to train trees to grow straight up so they don’t bend down.

Be mindful of where you dispose of cut wood and branches. These can become projectiles during a storm.

Call an Arborist

Some tree challenges can leave the average homeowner stumped. Arborists will be able to properly assess storm damage risk factors and help you save your favorite trees from infection and decay.

When in doubt, call the experts. Being proactive saves you emergency tree removal expenses and inconvenience.

Call SERVPRO for Help After a Storm

While we may not be arborists, we specialize in storm damage restoration. We’ve been recovering storm-damaged properties for over 30 years. If a fallen tree damages your home or business, we’re ready 24/7 to come help! After you call your insurance company, call us at 972-446-0383.

When Lightning Strikes!

4/23/2021 (Permalink)

Red Sky lightning Red sky lightning

What is the definition of the idiom 'force of nature'?

According to, a 'force of nature' is

A mighty natural force which is beyond human control, notably if potentially catastrophic, such as the elements (e.g. storms and extreme temperatures) or geological (e.g. seismic and volcanic) activity.

Lightning most definitely suits this definition.  

The chances of you getting struck by lightning are slim; about 1 in every 500,000.  However, the likelihood of your house getting struck by lightning isn't as unreasonable; about 1 in every 200.  Although the majority of people may go their entire lives without having to worry about lightning damage, those who have, generally face major consequences.

The state of Texas is at high risk for lightning damage; just below California.  In 2019, Texans made 5,780 insurance claims due to lightning damage.  These claims ended up costing more than $88.3 million.  This is important to know because the majority of lightning damage begins during the spring season and peaks in the summer.  These statistics may serve as encouragement to prepare your home from lightning strikes this season.  Here are some things you may not have known about lightning damage:

  • Lightning damage doesn't always occur as a result of a direct hit.  When lightning strikes the ground, it can travel through metal pipes or electrical wiring to your home.  This generally causes the electrical outlets to blow and requires all new wiring throughout the house.
  • In 2019, lightning strikes, whether direct or secondary hits, caused 20 deaths and 100 injuries in the United States.
  • Around 19% of fires caused by lightning directly affect homes.
  • The majority of lightning damage occurs during the months of June, July, and August.

How To Minimize the Damaged Caused To Your Home Due To Lightning

  • Unplug electrical wiring from all outlets throughout the house.
    • Failing to do so can not only cause your outlets to fry, but also the electronics plugged into them.
  • Installing surge protectors may also protect your outlets.
  • Installing a lightning rod may redirect the bolt to prevent it from striking your house.
  • Ensuring that your home has functioning smoke detectors will assist in notifying you if a fire has started due to the powerful bolt of electricity.
  • Consider adding lightning damage to your home or renters insurance incase of an emergency.

Although repairing damages due to any natural disaster isn't ideal, and taking preventative measures is inconvenient, accidents are sure to happen. 

If your home or business is affected by lightning, SERVPRO of Carrollton and Bent Tree  is more than willing to help! We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  You can give us a call at 972-446-0383.

Electronics Fires Are a Risk for Most Homes

4/22/2021 (Permalink)

electrical fires Let the trained professionals help today!

Fires caused by electronics are on the rise in household across the country. More and more homes are investing in various types of electronics, all in need of charging at one point or another, and often left unattended while they’re charging.

While there are basic safety habits that we should follow for these devices, most of us disregard these habits and put our homes at risk. When a house fire caused by electronics occurs, and the recovery process can be tough.

Preventing a house fire from electronics

Computer, tablets, and cell phone chargers need space for air circulation, as they put off a substantial amount of heat during charging cycles which must be dispersed with the right amount of ventilation.

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for people to put these chargers by their beds, surrounded by flammable items which can cause significant heat. Devices that are covered up and not able to “breathe” can build up the heat and ignite a fire; often when no one is home to quickly extinguish the flames or asleep and unaware a fire has started.

The lithium-ion batteries in these devices have containers that are pressurized and can rupture if the temperature goes up too fast or melt if they are heated for a long time. Many people think electronics fires are caused by faulty chargers, but these fires can happen when devices are on a charger or not.

Following basic safety rules can protect your home from a house fire. Fire damage in your home from your electronic devices are almost entirely avoidable with a little diligence in following safety rules. Not charging your phone in or by your bed, and making sure all devices are on a hard, flat surface while charging helps avoid these disasters. Also keeping any charging electronic uncovered to allow for proper air circulation helps with overheating and potential fire damage.

If you experience an electronics fire

If you experience fire from an overheated cell phone, tablet, or other devices, there’s additional clean-up to face once the flames are extinguished.

It’s best to leave the cleanup to the professionals at SERVPRO of Carrollton Texas. SERVPRO has the training to know how to clean up your home after a fire of any kind and understand the special challenges of fires caused by electronics.

When electronics burn, they emit particles like those from burning plastics which become electrically charged are known as ionization. The particles can adhere to surfaces and can be a challenge to clean. At SERVPRO, we understand that because of this, clean up after an electronics fire takes special care to not only get rid of the smoke particles but to eliminate the acrid smell that accompanies burned plastics. Our highly trained technicians use advanced technology to clean your home, removed the damaged electronics, and address any odor issues to restore your home to pre-fire conditions. When a SERVPRO technician arrives on the scene, they’ll do a comprehensive job evaluating the situation, providing you with a clear plan ahead of time so you know exactly what to expect.

If you need assistance with fire damage in your home, please call us at 972-446-0383.